Alex Wirth
Healing Arts


I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.  Simply give me a call, and I'll be happy to connect you with them.


Alex is a fantastic massage therapist. He communicates very well and had a natural feel for when to work softly and when to work firmly. My sessions with him leave me relaxed yet rejuvenated. Ready to take on the world. 




Alex is one of those rare healers who easily offers exactly what is needed. I have been going to Alex for massage since the beginning of the Pandemic and always leave feeling far better than when I arrived. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a skilled local bodywork therapist.




"As someone who's gotten body work their whole life, I immediately noticed his kind, honest and professional demeanor, and his talented and very effective touch, which was totally also neutral and gentle. I love seeing him for massage therapy, and have recommended him to at least a few of my co-workers." 




I'm pleased to give a review for Alex Wirth Massage Therapy. In addition to being a very kind, gentle and present person, Alex is remarkably flexible and skillful in adapting his sessions to meet the needs of the person on the table. I can request wonderful reflexology just for the feet, identify specific parts of the body needing attention, (such as my legs, low back, arms, neck), or receive a full body massage for 60 min. or 90 min. This choice makes each session unique and exactly what my body needed that day. Alex also creates a safe space in which to process emotions that may come up during a session. One time when Alex was working around my knee, he hit upon a place where I had trauma from a skiing incident. The release on the physical level led to a deep emotional release touching upon several layers of held sadness and grief. While I sobbed through half a dozen tissues, Alex held the space for me to deeply process and feel complete. If you are looking for a new massage therapist skilled in physical and energetic techniques, who is very affordable in North Boulder, it's worth giving Alex a try!




Alex's gentle spirit is reflected in his intuitive, nurturing touch.



Alex’s technique and intuition far surpass his age and experience. He’s a natural. He’s caring and considerate. He can be soothing and gentle but also surprisingly strong. He’s professional and surpasses Covid precaution protools.



100% the absolute BEST full body massage I have ever received anywhere in the world is by Alex Wirth in Boulder, CO