Alex Wirth
Healing Arts

About Me

Originally from Wisconsin, I studied Shamanism with Dr Ashley Tomasino in San Diego, CA and deepened my shamanic education on an extended healing journey in Peruvian mountains and rainforest in South America.  Since landing in Colorado, I have completed my education from Chi Wellness under 5th generation qigong healer Debra Lin Allen and have been practicing as a professional Medical Qigong Practitioner in the Boulder area.  Coupled with my certification in massage therapy from Healing Spirits Massage Training Program, I have been blending the physical, energetic, and spiritual healing modalities to maximize the level of support I can provide to my clients on their healing journey.

I love working with and deepening my connection to the human subtle fields, as well as the complex intricacies of the physical body to unlock the natural healing capacity of our bodies. I help clients to dissolve their stress, lingering pain patterns, recover from surgery and injuries, as well as managing chronic illness/ pain and treating and releasing trauma. 

You are not alone in your healing journey to wholeness.  Yes, we may feel that way at times when our spirits and our bodies ache with the burdens of our life experience and the stressors of the society we live in; but we have the ability to cultivate the strength, tools, and community we need to move through every challenge life presents to us.   It can take patience and dedication to fully release unsupportive pain and emotional patterns from our body and being, but with sincere dedication and proper support we can teach your body and realign your spirit to return to a more natural state of peace.